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Surgical Emergencies

Surgical Emergencies

ACS Surgeon Dr. Bennett

North Carolina Surgery has been providing emergency surgical care on a daily basis for over 60 years. Our surgeons help to provide constant coverage of surgical patients in the REX Emergency Department and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to treat surgical emergencies ranging from minor ailments handled in our office to life-threatening emergencies requiring major operations within minutes to hours of diagnosis.

Years of experience result in the finest emergency surgical care available in the Triangle. Advances in technology now allow us to treat some emergencies via minimally invasive approaches. Patient safety and recovery are our primary concerns when treating surgical emergencies, indicated by our stellar record of success.

Acute Care Surgery "Surgicalists"

North Carolina Surgery are pleased to announce four of our physicians, Dr. Peter Milano (Medical Director), Dr. Stacy Bennett, Dr. Uday Kavde, and Dr. Joel Dragelin are now leading Rex UNC Health Care’s Acute Care Surgery (ACS) or “Surgicalist” program. This means our expert surgeons are just a few steps away when time is most critical.

Who is a Surgicalist?

A surgicalist is a surgeon who specializes and focuses on surgical care within the hospital setting. Surgicalists respond to the needs of patients’ surgical issues requiring immediate treatment in the Emergency Department or inpatient setting. Rex Surgical Specialists “surgicalists” provides 24/7 coverage at Rex UNC Health Care.

Our Surgicalists

Dr. Peter Milano, Medical Director

Dr. Joel Dragelin

Dr. Uday Kavde

Dr. Stacy Bennett

What is the Role of a Surgicalist?

Surgicalists provide on-site care and treatment for their patients from their arrival until they are discharged. Studies have shown that acute care surgery programs with dedicated “surgicalists” result in: timely and efficient consultation, improved clinical outcomes with decreased complications, increased throughput and decreased length of stay, decreased costs and increased patient satisfaction.

What are the Benefits of Receiving Care from a Surgicalist?

  • Around-the-clock Availability
  • Improved Quality
  • Streamlined Services
  • Increased patient and family satisfaction   

Contact Information

To refer a patient, please call (919) 784-2227.

Surgical emergencies routinely treated by our surgeons include:

Call 911

In the event of an emergency, call 911 immediately.

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