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Colorectal Cancers

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When you choose North Carolina Surgery (formerly REX Surgical Specialists), you receive access to specialists who can treat anal, colon and rectal cancers. Your surgeon will use laparoscopic (minimally invasive) techniques when possible to reduce your time spent in the hospital and help improve your outcome.

Colorectal Cancers We Treat

North Carolina Surgery in Raleigh and Cary offers you surgical care for the following colorectal cancers:

  • Colon cancer – Starts anywhere in your large intestine (colon) in a large space between your ribcage and your pelvis
  • Rectal cancer – Affects the last few inches of your large intestine (colon) in a narrow space between your bladder and prostate (in men) or uterus and vagina (in women)
  • Anal cancer – Occurs in your anal canal, which is the short tube at the end of your rectum where stool leaves your body

Surgery for Colorectal Cancer

Your doctor may recommend surgery as part of your treatment plan. Depending on your specific cancer, you may benefit from:

  • Abdominoperineal resection – Removes your anal canal, rectum and a part of your colon and attaches the remaining parts to an opening in your abdomen (stoma) that allows waste to leave your body
  • Colectomy – Removes all of the colon or part of the colon (bowel resection) along with any nearby lymph nodes
  • Colostomy – Redirects a piece of your colon to an artificial opening in the wall of your belly for waste to pass through
  • Local excision – Removes cancer and surrounding tissue on the inside lining of your colon
  • Local transanal resection (full thickness resection) – Removes early rectal cancer
  • Low anterior resection – Removes your tumor and the tissue around it, which leaves the lower part of your rectum that’s attached to the end of your colon
  • Polypectomy – Removes cancerous polyps (lumps) in your colon

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