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Lumpectomy & Mastectomy

NC Surgery Lifestyle ImageDepending on your breast cancer diagnosis, you may have the opportunity to choose between two surgical treatments at North Carolina Surgery (formerly REX Surgical Specialists). They are:

  • Lumpectomy – Removes the tumor and tissue surrounding it, leaving the shape of the breast and nipple area intact

Which Breast Surgery Is Best For You?

Every cancer is unique, and each situation requires a tailor-made approach to treat. Your doctor will discuss the factors impacting you, such as the:

  • Location of your cancer
  • Number of cancer areas present
  • Size of your breasts
  • Size of your cancer
  • State of your overall health

Both lumpectomy and mastectomy treat breast cancer equally well, but each has different advantages and disadvantages. Your surgeon will take plenty of time to explain your options and help you decide. That’s one reason almost all North Carolina Surgery patients stick with us for treatment after their consultation in Raleigh, Cary or Wakefield.

Low Mastectomy Rates at North Carolina Surgery

You’ll appreciate receiving surgical services at North Carolina Surgery, part of UNC REX Healthcare, the area’s only program accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers. Compared to the national average, we have lower rates of mastectomy and re-excision (removal of more tissue after lumpectomy). With a lumpectomy, you may achieve the same cancer outcome you’d receive from a mastectomy, but with fewer physical changes to your breasts.

Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy

In some cases, your doctor may offer nipple-sparing mastectomy. In this advanced treatment, you can benefit from little to no cosmetic nipple changes. Nipple sparing mastectomies are performed by Drs. Dull, Thawani, and Desai only.

Follow-Up Care

Expect thorough follow-up care in Raleigh, Cary or Wakefield after breast surgery from compassionate providers. In the case of a mastectomy, you’ll have the option to get a referral for breast reconstruction surgery to rebuild the shape and look of your breast.

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